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Stephanie Wagner, Birth Doula, Lactation Educator, BLS/CPR Instructor

Stephanie is a DONA certified Birth Doula as well as a certified Lactation Educator Counselor and a certified BLS/CPR Instructor. Her doula journey began when a childhood friend asked Stephanie if she would support her during the homebirth of her second child, followed by her third child a few years later. Not long after, she found herself supporting another childhood friend through the hospital delivery of her daughter. In addition to her own birth experience, these shared experiences made a lasting impression on Stephanie and provided the foundation that allowed her to discover the passion she would have for becoming a Doula.

Stephanie is dedicated to educating, supporting, and assisting families so that they have the best possible experience bringing their little ones into the world, no matter if they are becoming a parent for the first time or the fifth.  She knows that every couple’s needs are different and tailors the support she provides to her client’s individual needs. Since becoming a Doula, Stephanie has worked with families in both home and hospital environments.  She has also worked with couples who have conceived after struggling with infertility. As a mom herself to a son who was conceived via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Stephane has both the professional and personal knowledge that allows her to provide the additional support and insight that is sometimes needed by these couples. 

Testimonial: “I became pregnant with my first child at the age of 35. I was scared to death. My pregnancy was rough because I had horrible nausea the entire time. I absolutely dreaded the labor and delivery. I had a history of anxiety and the pregnancy made it worse. Of course, the looming birth terrified me. My husband and I took birthing classes. I decided early on that I would not use drugs/epidural. My birthing plan was to keep everything as natural as possible. I also chose to use a mid-wife at my OB/GYN. At the time, I was not even thinking about using a doula. Fast forward to my labor and delivery. My daughter decided to make her entrance into the world a week early. I got to the hospital via ambulance. All I could think about was calling my parents and my doula. When I called Stephanie and told her that I was at the hospital, she dropped everything to be by my side. Stephanie was able to do what no one else could. She kept my anxiety at bay. Stephanie kept me calm and focused so that I was able to concentrate. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She instinctively knew when to talk to me, rub my back or just silently stand beside me. Stephanie stayed by my side for over 8 hours. She was an incredible source of comfort, encouragement and knowledge to help ease my worries. I was able to successfully deliver my daughter via vaginal delivery, without any drugs. Stephanie is kind, warm, and funny. She has a wonderful ability to make people feel comfortable in all situations. I highly recommend her as a doula. I would definitely use her again.” (Ellen A.)

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