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Ashley Loggins, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulator

Ashley Loggins is a holistic, Catholic wife and mother.  She has two children and experienced two completely different births.  Her daughter was delivered by an emergency cesarean and her son by a VBAC 17 months later.  She prides herself on assisting mothers who want to experience a VBAC, keeping in mind that she supports YOUR decision and the type of birth YOU decide.  She is ready and willing to help empower and advocate for the birthing mother.  Ashley has supported many different kinds of births and encourages true informed consent.  She offers home labor support and encourages all of the families she works with to labor at home as long as the couple feels comfortable to avoid unnessary intervention in the hospital.  Ashley is a passionate and caring doula who believes all families deserve the birth they want and has committed herself to guiding and assisting each new mother through her journey to motherhood.

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