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Margaret Byrne, Labor Doula and Licensed Massage Therapist

Margaret is a Licensed Midwife from California and a Licensed Massage Therapist of over 20 years.  Here in the Atlanta area, she offers personalized doula services and pregnancy and postpartum massage. Completing the circle of support with her compassionate, grounded, and knowledgeable skill, she has a profound inspiration to assist birthing women in discovering their own power in childbirth and bringing sacred energy into their births.  Margaret is grateful to her daughter Ayisha for her transformation into motherhood during her home water birth 18 years ago.  Margaret brings her experience of the birth process and her understanding of hospital and homebirth procedures to help you plan and choose the birth options that meet your needs.  She offers a wide range of coping skills, breathing techniques, and comfort measures for pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  She helps to advocate for choices you have made for your birth.  She helps you feel confident, relaxed, and secure creating the most sacred and empowering birth experience possible.  She draws from all of her skills as she helps others on their own birthing journey.

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