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Lumina Birth’s Referral and Recommendations Policy 


Over the years, Lumina Birth has formed relationships with numerous people and businesses in a variety of fields related to maternity, childbirth, breastfeeding, childcare and parenting.  We offer referrals, recommendations and links throughout this website, as well as in other materials we publish.  However, we are not equipped to investigate the backgrounds or research the qualifications of these third parties, nor are we qualified to endorse any of these third parties, many of whom have received advanced training and education in their various fields of expertise.  We offer information about these third parties purely as a convenience to the users of this website.  We are not partners with any of these third parties and do not own or control them.  None of the linked websites are under the control of Lumina Birth, thus we are not responsible for any of the content, or changes and updates to the same, contained on these sites.  External links are provided as a convenience only and do not imply endorsement by Lumina Birth.