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Carolyn Tucker, LAPC, NCC, DCC, NLP

Carolyn was the stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of four children before going to graduate school to become a counselor. She has experienced postpartum issues herself and is intimately familiar with the emotional needs of the new or expectant mother. She is known for her nurturing presence, her warm regard for her clients and for her deep insight. She is also known for being supportive, and inspiring clients to live the most self-actualized life possible. It is her heart's desire to see new mothers thrive even in the midst of postpartum difficulties. She is certified in many cutting-edge modalities and is also distance-counseling certified and can provide SKYPE therapy for moms who are unable for whatever reason to come to her office. To make an appointment with Carolyn or to talk about her services and pricing, please call her at (770) 789-0847.  Her website is