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Breastfeeding app for iPhones,...

Breastfeeding app for iPhones, etc. - Kellymom says it's worth the $1.99. A handy way to keep track of feedings.

Big Food vs. Big Insurance

At Lumina Birth, we care a lot about our clients' nutrition. It's key to the health of your baby, yourself, and your birth process/outcome.  Read this article by Michael Pollan in the NYTimes about America's diet in light of the health care reform. It means a great deal for you and for the food choices you make for your children.

New Study on Home Birth

"The authors of the new study compared three different groups of planned births in British Columbia from the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2004: home births attended by registered midwives (midwives are registered in Canada), hospital births attended by the same group of registered midwives, and hospital births attended by physicians. In all, the study included almost 13,000 births.

The mortality rate per 1,000 births was 0.35 in the home birth group, 0.57 in hospital births attended by midwives, and 0.64 among those attended by physicians, according to the study.

Women who gave birth at home were less likely to need interventions or to have problems such as vaginal tearing or hemorrhaging. These babies were also less likely to need oxygen therapy or resuscitation, the study found."

Read the full article.

Decatur Doulas is Lumina Birth

We are Decatur Doulas... at least, we were, now we are Lumina Birth!  Big thanks to all the friends and clients who attended our launch party on August 22.  It was great fun to gather such a community of folks to celebrate with us and make new connections among those helping moms and babies in Atlanta.  Thank you!

Jenn and Lacy
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