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Have you thought about the kind of birth you want?  The birth of your baby is one of the most important and memorable days in your life!  We can’t plan a good outcome, but we can certainly plan a good process.  A birth plan should be a one page list mapping out your preferences, easy to read with bullet points.  Talking to your care provider beforehand, about your desires during your labor and birth, will help you open the lines of communication between you, your partner and your doctor or midwife.

Did you know you have a choice about what position to be in during childbirth?  Well, you do!  You can choose to birth in a squatting position, on all fours, flat on your back, sitting up, laying on your side, even in a tub of water.  Did you know you have a choice about whether to keep your baby with you at all times after he/she arrives?  Yes, you do!  Did you know you have a choice to have intermittent fetal monitoring versus constant fetal monitoring?  You do!  Did you know you have a choice to be mobile during your labor?  You absolutely do! Preparing a birth plan will help you consider and choose from among these options and many more.

As a laboring mother, remember that it’s your body and more importantly your baby.   Do your research and figure out what’s most important to you and write a plan.  You won’t be sorry!

We now offer a free downloadable Birth Plan Checklist (also called "Birth Wish" or "Birth Preferences").  Download and begin the conversation to your partner, doula and your care provider about all your options in birth and decide what’s most important to you.

Birth Well,

Lacy Henderson (Lumina Birth Owner)

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