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Kathleen Leathers - Doula Highlight

How long have you been a doula?

“I have been a birth doula since November 2014.”

How many births have you been to since November 2014?


What did you do before doula work?

“I lived in New York and Los Angeles working in music licensing for film and television - a very different world!”

Why did you make the switch?

“Through my best friend’s pregnancy she wanted me to attend her birth. That experience greatly inspired me and gave me a deep desire to search doula and birth work.”

What’s one interesting fact that people may not know about you but would enjoy learning?

“I play classical viola.”

Can you offer an encouragement to new mothers as they begin their journey into motherhood?

“Women’s bodies are made for this -  trust your instincts. You CAN do it!”

What are some birth bag tools you don’t want to leave home without?

“Since I am a music person, I always have a playlist and speaker on hand. I also bring a string of lights and flameless candles to help create a comfortable space. And I always have my trusty birth ball. If appropriate I bring humor as well - laughter can be an excellent labor coping tool!”

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